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JUNE 30 2017 Stories from the Stage

Massmouth Live Tapings - WGBH  -Boston MA

Northeast Storytelling Conference: discussing with Storyteller Papajo Gaudet (NH) the complex relation between Cat, Dog and impact on the return on the Dead

Feb 16 2014: CD signing, storytelling evening in Brockton with Charlot Lucien, Jocelyne Dorismé...

Join us in Brockton at TAMBOO BISTRO, one of the most elegant Haitian restaurant and cultural venue for the release in the South Shore of "La tentation de l'autre rive" and a discussion on Haiti's contribution to Black History Monh in the US.  Joining us are singer Jocelyne Dorismé et Maestro Fito Orvil of the Group Mélange.  A free event.

TIME: 5:30pmpm- 10:00

TAMBOO BISTRO, 252 Main St, Brockton MA;

Sponsored by Tamboo Bistro, Brockton Arts, Trilingual Press.



23 Fev 2014: Vente signature: livres, CD, soirée de contes; à Providence: Charlot Lucien, Fred Lafortune


L'Alliance Française de Rhodes Island acceuille Fred Lafortune et Charlot Lucien le dimanche 23 Février; Fred Lafortune signe Ann al Lazil, Charlot Lucien signe "La tentation de l'autre rive" et ses récents CD, Grann Dede et San bri, san kont.  Spéciale performance musical avec le troubadour "Gifrants", un musicien prolifique qui fait franchir de nouvelles frontières à la musique haïtienne.

Heure: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Addresse: 298 Smith St, Providence RI

Entrée libre

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